The Warning of Guest Post Link Building

Guest Posting Can be Dangerous

Publishing content on sites outside an owned site is a common practice for entities seeking to build inbound links to their own websites. While Google generally isn’t opposed to syndicated or guest posts from one site to another, they’ve issued a fairly clear warning recently about how misuse of this practice could impact the ranking quality of a site.

The warning is in part due to such types of posts having a significant amount of spam links being stuffed into them lately. Google’s guidelines on link schemes strictly prohibit any entity from the large scale distribution of content for the sole purpose of backlinks.

Google’s rules do allow for syndicated and guest posts that bring value. In other words, the post must somehow inform a user, bring educational value to another site’s user pool, or bring about user awareness.

The warning on spam’y backlinks is accompanied by a reminder that all of the following are prohibited in distributing and writing materials:

1. Stuffed links. Articles cannot be stuffed with keyword-rich links back to your site.

2. Having these articles published in excess across a number of different sites.

3. Having an exorbitant volume of the articles on any site.

4. Using articles that do not contain quality, knowledgeable content.

5. Duplicate or similar content being used within the articles being distributed or published.

And, what is the impact of any of the above being employed? Google will view these as spammy links, which will adversely affect how they perceive the site and how they rank it in search

The bottom line is that site owners must carefully vet any and all guest postings and nofollow any questionable links so that they can ensure they’re adhering to Google’s guidelines. Any site that feels they have a problem with  quality outreach SEO link building services on their site should contact Google via the spam report form.